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Vistapac specializes in solution-based packaging for the food processing and beverage industry, and our exceptional range of packaging solutions has been carefully tailored and optimized to deliver the best results for any industry.

Shrink Film

polyethylene shrink bundle film

Polyethylene Shrink Bundle Film:

Polyethylene Shrink Bundle Film: Choose from a variety of durable, high quality shrink packaging films, designed to overwrap products or conveniently bundle up bulk packages.

polyolefin shrink film

Polyolefin Shrink Film:

We provide shrink films that are engineered to make your packaging look its absolute best, while providing unmatched value, versatility and durability. Our shrink films are some of the toughest and most versatile on the market.

Polypropylene Films

polypropylene food packs

We have a variety of polypropylene films that can be plain, printed, laminated, metalized and are available with a selection of different heat seal ranges to provide the most economical film to meet your requirements. This film can be purchased as rollstock or stand up pouches.

Green Initiative

We are committed to sustainability by offering recyclable and compostable packaging solutions. Innovation and technology have enabled the industry to develop solutions that use fewer natural resources in the creation of packaging, while extending shelf life and not comprimising food safety. We are constantly looking for packaging products that offer a greener solution.

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