We specialize in packaging made for your industry.

At Vistapac we understand the importance of ensuring product freshness and shelf appeal once your product arrives at its retail destination. We want your product to stand out above and beyond its competitors, so we work with industry-leading printers to deliver high impact artwork. To ensure your product line success our packaging solutions comply with all applicable regulations.

We specialize in packaging solutions for these industries:

Ice Cream Novelties

We have a variety of solutions that include plain, printed or clear packaging for your brand or private label novelties. Our refrigerated packaging films are designed to enhance freshness and shelf life with minimal waste.

Craft Beer

With our industry knowledge, we work with you to establish a cost effective, time-saving solution, so you can produce your beer as quickly and efficiently as possible, while staying true to your brand. We also offer packaging machines to simplify the process.

Pet Foods

With the growing pet food industry, it’s important to make your brand stand out on retail shelves. We can make your brand stand stand out with attention-grabbing artwork. From stand-up pouches to metalized laminations, we will work with you to find the right solution.

Food Processing

We know how important it is to ensure your food’s freshness and shelf life, so we offer the capabilities you need to create packaging that improves the consumer experience while standing out on retail shelves.


We offer secondary packaging solutions to get your product to its final destination with the most cost effective and secure method.

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